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Anne Lindley -Artist

Anne Lindley Art is a continuous work in progress.
The intention is to keep developing the site and updating the online gallery with new work as Anne produces it over time.
Anne was raised in the Australian outback, where, as a young child, she remembers her strong yearning to produce – to make, form and create using her hands.
Despite the scarcity of materials, Anne’s determination to create led her to produce pots, sculptures and ornaments from clay gouged from creek beds and gullies and whichever other materials she could find.
This resourcefulness and inventiveness has defined her unique style ever since.
Anne is largely self-taught in the variety of different styles and media she has experimented with and utilised throughout her career. She has endeavoured to master each and refine her own style in the process; each practice influencing and informing the other.
Whilst living in Australia, she enjoyed exhibiting in several cities, including Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast before emigrating to the UK.
During her residence in the UK, she has raised her two children and restored five houses.
Meanwhile, she has continued to expand her repertoire, expressing her concerns and interests that are pertinent to a variety of different stages of her life through a playful experimentation with media.
Her pre-occupation with different modes of expression has persisted, producing a heterogeneous and imaginative portfolio.
Anne now hopes to dedicate as much time as possible to continuing to expand her range of works. If you see anything you like please enquire.

Enjoy browsing the website…