Old Milk Can With Pomegranates (Sold)

Old Milk Can With With Pomegranates Acrylic/Oil Painting.

Size: 22×22 centimetres


Old Milk Can With Pomegranates is an acrylic/oil painting.

The subject for this work was inspired by the lovely deep red tones of the pomegranates. I had these in a bowl on my dining room table and was struck by the almost weighty scultptural presence which they seemed to possess.

I can’t help but admire them. I have attempted to capture this aspect too in this painting.  The old milk can itself (also featured in another painting) is very inspirational too. Simply, the variation of colour caused by the gradual decline of its surface through rusting is fascinating especially featured as it is along with the pomegranates..

To be seen in the November issue of The World of Interiors on the Artists’ Impressions page.